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You've entered into my photography world on this web site whether it's for personal satisfaction or for a business purpose, you are welcome to explore. Firstly, my images are unique in their own respects, I strive for proportional quality with a meaningful story to convey, my hope is that each image will make you wonder and think about what it might mean to you while exploring your thoughts and curiosities.  Secondly, I post process each image in a variety of software programs, they may be perfectly clear, in focus, traditional and truly correct in all normal conditional factors or they can be surreal, grunge, contrasty, purposely blurred and/or saturated to give the image the look and feel of how I want to portray the image and mood.  Just keep in mind your interpretation and perception is your own so I hope you enjoy your time here. 

This is Larry

The site is separated for dual purposes, the Client/Pricing is set up for business purposes and if you engage me for business purposes then I'll supply you with the proper passwords to enter the dedicated pages.  You are welcome to read through the Client/Pricing main page to get an idea of what it might cost for a session or for services rendered, Feel free to explore the MocUp page, this displays finished products in different settings to give you ideas.  The Gallery houses the images that I want to share and display for both enjoyment and of course business, I will sell any of my images if you'd like to purchase, then we'll enter into a business engagement.  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your reading pleasure.

You can utilize my storefronts for purchases of my product or just contact me for a direct purchase agreement.

FineArt America  -  Canvas/Metal/Acrylic/Wood/Framed/Prints - All products your choice of sizes.

PicFair  -  Canvas/Framed/Prints/Commercial & Advertising Licensing - All products your choice of sizes.

Direct Purchase

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